March 22, 2023

Illinois news in brief for Monday, April 26, 2021

Illinois resumes distribution of J&J vaccine

Illinois is resuming the distribution of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.

Administering the shot was put on hold after the CDC recommended a pause while they investigated several cases of people developing blood clots two weeks after getting the shot.

Before the pause, Illinois had administered around 290,000 shots across the state.

New details revealed in attempted extortion plot

There are more details about the attempted extortion of the Illinois State Board of Elections executive director.

The Chicago Tribune reported Steve Sandvoss wrote the board that he exchanged flirtatious messages and sent a picture to a person he met online. That turned to a demand for $3,000 from the other party with the threat they’d “ruin” him.

Sandvoss notified police and the board and announced he’s retiring this summer. He’s been put on leave.

Prison watchdog reports monitoring underway

Prison watchdog group The John Howard Association says they have been able to monitor several of the state’s prisons for the first time in more than a year.

The group said they have been able to monitor the Lincoln and Graham Correctional Centers and things “were not as tense as anticipated and were even positive.”

FOID fingerprint bill stalls

Measures requiring Illinoisans to submit fingerprints in order to get a Firearm Owner Identification card didn’t advance at the statehouse before Friday’s deadline.

A House measure was poised to pass, but as the day progressed, more representatives left the chamber.

The bill’s sponsor, state Rep. Kathleen Willis, criticized her colleagues that left early that they still had work to do.

Vaccine database measure moves forward

One measure that passed along party lines Friday would create a database of all immunizations in the state.

Supporters say data will only be in the aggregate and is meant to help public health officials track trends.

After thousands of residents filed slips at the statehouse opposing the move, the sponsor said people will be able to opt-out.

The measure narrowly passed and now heads to the Senate.

Counterfeit cash, coins intercepted

Customs and Border Protection in Chicago say they intercepted nearly sixteen hundred counterfeit $100 bills and nearly 7,000 counterfeit coins.

The seizure was from 281 shipments CBP found over two days with some listed as “bar props” headed for locations in Texas and Georgia, and 95 percent of the shipments arrived from China.

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Sydney Boles