March 22, 2023

Illinois news in brief for Tuesday, April 27, 2021

For first time in state history, Illinois loses population in ten-year Census

For the first time in Illinois history, the state lost population over ten years. Illinois was one of three states to lose population, dropping 0.1 percent.

The state is one of seven across the country losing one congressman, according to the U.S. Census.

That means for the 2023 Congress, Illinois will have 17 representatives in the U.S. House instead of 18.

Democrats to move ahead with legislative map making with existing data

Democrats at the Illinois Statehouse say they are moving forward with drawing legislative maps based on data that’s been released so far.

The U.S. Census released total state population data Monday, but announced they will release more detailed demographic details meant for states to draft legislative districts no later than Sept. 30.

Democratic leaders say they have a June 30 deadline to pass a proposed map for the governor’s approval.

Lawmakers return to Springfield

The Illinois Legislature returns to Springfield today.

After both chambers meet for session at noon, they hold committee hearings in the afternoon.

Some of the subject matter hearings in the Senate could take up Senate bills given a deadline extension.

There are also House hearings on ethics and election proposals and a COVID vaccination update.

Nearly 30 percent of Illinois residents fully vaccinated

Nearly 30 percent of the state’s population has been fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

State public health officials report the total number of people who have received the necessary doses totals nearly 3.8 million.

Sangamon County had the highest percentage of its population vaccinated for COVID-19 at 35.6 percent.

Davis files bill to allow guns rights, legal cannabis use

U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis has filed legislation in Congress he says would secure Second Amendment rights for Americans in jurisdictions with legal cannabis use.

Davis and several other Republicans from around the country signed on to House Resolution 2830 called the Gun Rights And Marijuana, or GRAM Act.

Davis said the measure not only protects the Second Amendment, but also the Tenth Amendment right for states to set their own cannabis policy.

Pools set to re-open across the state as weather warms up

Some communities in the state of Illinois are giving residents somewhat of a return to normalcy by opening up public pools this summer.

In some districts, residents will have to make reservations for a two-hour time slot to use the pool.

Pools will be opening up across the state starting in June with the governor’s COVID-19 restrictions.

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Sydney Boles