March 24, 2023

LA Mayor Shuts Off Power to TikTok Infuencer’s House

The popular social media app, Tik Tok

  • Influencer has power shut off
  • Mayor responds to why he ordered this
  • What had been happening at the “Sway House”
  • Next steps

Influencer has power shut off

Popular Tik Tok influencer Bryce Hall’s power was shut off from his residence through an order from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. Hall’s house is a Hollywood Hills residence located on Appian Way. According to the Los Angeles police, Hall’s residence had been holding parties that violated the public health orders that attempted to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Since the resurgence of coronavirus cases, all efforts in California have mostly been diverted to flattening the coronavirus confirmed daily cases curve. Thus, many residents have been put under shelter-in-place orders in order to prevent transmission of the virus, but not everyone in California is following these regulations. Especially among younger college students, gatherings to have parties have been very common.

Mayor responds to why he ordered this

Mayor Garcetti had warned of cutting off power and water to homes that violate the rule against having large gatherings. In his statement, Garcetti said, “With more than 2,000 Angelenos — and over 170,000 Americans — lost to COVID-19, we need every resident to undertake critical safeguards to stop the spread of this virus. That includes not hosting or attending parties that put themselves, their neighbors and many others at risk.”

Garcetti’s new rule allows officers responding to large parties at a property to request the residence’s power be cut off within 48 hours. The Department of Water and Power’s spokesman, Joe Ramallo, said, “We will restore utilities when the order is made to do so.” Currently, the house’s water is still working according to the New York Times.

It has become a Tik Tok trend over quarantine for the popular influencers to live together and create content together. Hall lives in his residence with Tik Tok stars Noah Beck and Blake Gray. Hall’s house members have referred to their Hollywood Hills residence as the “Sway House.” Bryce Hall has a whopping 12.9 million Tik Tok followers.

What had been happening at the “Sway House”

In Garcetti’s statement, he disclosed that noise complaints on August 8 and August 14 resulted in police presence at the residence. On August 8, a large party was held which resulted in the Los Angeles Police Department posting warnings on the property “providing notice that violations of the order are subject to civil and criminal penalties.”

On August 14, Hall threw a party for his birthday which he posted videos of which went viral. A “final notice” was also posted on this day. Garcetti issued a statement confirming he had shut off power to the house saying, “Today I authorised the city to disconnect utility service at a house in the Hollywood Hills to stop the large parties held there in flagrant violation of our public health orders.”

Next steps

Los Angeles’ City Attorney spokesman Mike Feuer said their office has received the criminal investigation and is deciding whether to charge the Hall property, which is owned by Frangipani Properties.

Los Angeles officials have considered cutting the power to at least two other houses over violations of coronavirus social gathering rules. LAPD has also issued citations for noisy gatherings at 13 homes and have warned hosts that they could have their power cut off if they continued the behavior.

Sydney Boles